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eSIM: No more roaming fees, ever!

Each year these days, I spend about a month overseas on business. With every trip I rack up frequent-flier miles, and before every trip I have an internal debate over whether I should buy a local phone, pay Verizon enormous fees, or perform phone surgery to transplant SIM cards. I hate these choices. I just want a phone I can switch from carrier to carrier and country to country without swearing. Now, thanks to a newly standardized technology called embedded SIM (eSIM), I may be able to change carriers, both domestic and international, in seconds.

Well, that’s the theory anyway. I’ll see how it works out soon with my new Google Pixel 2.

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3 iPhone X hands-on video reviews push Apple at new audiences

Apple hopes the iPhone X will set the standard for the next ten years of smartphone development, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Apple chose to push beyond traditional tech tastemakers by giving up-and-coming video bloggers a chance to look at the device.

One step beyond

Breaking into new circles is part of what Apple needs the new iPhone to achieve. You see, the device isn’t only aimed at technologists and existing iPhone users, it is also targeted at every other person on the planet.

Cisco notes that video accounted for 73 percent of all Internet traffic last year.

The new breed video bloggers are crafting their own new and diverse audiences, are made by people with diverse backgrounds, and appeal to the digital natives Apple knows it must connect with to maintain its message across the next decade. They are also widely shared.

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